New publication: "Tip-Enhanced Spectroscopy and Imaging of Carbon Nanomaterials", by Ado Jorio, Luiz Gustavo Cançado, Sebastian Heeg, Lukas Novotny and Achim Hartschuh (Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Mildred S Dresselhaus)

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New publication: "Freely Suspended, van der Waals Bound Organic Nanometer‐Thin Functional Films: Mechanical and Electronic Characterization", Lilian S. Schaffroth, Jakob Lenz, Veit Giegold, Maximilian Kögl, Achim Hartschuh and R. Thomas Weitz

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New Publication: "Efficient Hotspot Switching in Plasmonic Nanoantennas using Phase-shaped Laser Pulses controlled by Neural Networks", Alberto Comin and Achim Hartschuh,

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New publication: "Remote excitation and detection of surface-enhanced Raman scattering from Graphene", Nicolas Coca-Lopez, Nicolai Hartmann, Tobia Mancabelli, Jürgen Kraus, Sebastian Günther, Alberto Comin and Achin Hartschuh

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Organic semiconductor thin films

Organic polymers find wide application in electronics and optoelectronics due to their flexibility, low cost and non-toxicity, and appealing optical properties. To increase the efficiency of these solar cells further and to make them more competitive with inorganic devices, a major disadvantage of polymer materials has to be overcome: the short exciton diffusion length on the order of 10 nm that is substantially smaller than the absorption length.

In collaboration with the group of Prof. Lukas Schmidt-Mende (University of Konstanz) and the group of Prof. Christina Scheu (LMU Munich), we investigate the optical properties of organic semiconductor thin films deposited on nanostructured surfaces using time-resolved two-photon photoluminescence (PL) microscopy.

Our findings underline the importance of the film morphology and its control for the optimization of polymer solar cells. (Further information available: M. Handloser, Nanotechnology 23, 305402 (2012).)