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Perovskite thin films

Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites have drawn a great deal of attention in the last decade due to dramatic strides in power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) as photo-absorbers in solar cells. It is noteworthy that such a growth of the PCE has actually taken decades for other photovoltaic solar cells to accomplish as seen in PCE chart below. This unexpected breakthrough and rapid evolution of this family of materials (seen below, left) have energized not only the photovoltaic community but also the efforts of other optoelectronic communities dealing with devices such as photodetectors, field effect transistors, and lighting devices to create devices from these constituents. A major feature of perovskites that has brought this success is the similarity to the gold standards of crystalline silicon and GaAs semiconductors, including a sharp band gap close to the ideal value, high absorbance, crystalline film formation with low defect densities, balanced electron-hole transport and excellent charge carrier mobilities.


Our goal is to understand intrinsic features of this family of materials such as mobility and diffusion of charge carriers as well as charge recombination processes in thin films. Additionally, our spectroscopic techniques can reveal not only the role of grain boundaries in thin films but also the chemical compositions at the surface. Below you can find selected publications related to these topics.

  • Using time-resolved PL microscopy, we visualize the ambiplor diffusion of photo-generated charge carriers on sub-micrometer length scales in time. We investigated the influene of grain boundaries in films consisting of large crystals and found that while the restrict carrier diffusion, the do not lead to significant quenching [3]. Temperature dependent measurements allowed us to distinguish the transport limiting factors and the influence of structural disorder occuring at a phase transition [1,2].
  •  Transient-photocurrent (Time-of-flight) measurements allow us to determine the mobility of electrons and holes [4, 6-8].
  • Nano-FTIR: Chemical composition at the surface.


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