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Single Molecule Dynamics in Nanoporous Systems

Single molecule dynamics in nanoporous systems: single dye molecules act as nanoscopic reporters diffusing through the pores of the mesoporous silica revealing details of the interaction and the structure of these novel materials. Mechanistical studies of translation, rotation, adsorption and spectral diffusion of single molecules in mesoporous silica structures and other nanoporous systems


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Cover picture for Angewandte Chemie Internat. Edition (January 2012, 51(5)

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Figure from this publication: cover picture for Nature Nanotechnology, Issue 2 (February 2011 Volume 6 No 2)

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v. Schirnding C., Giopanou I., Hermawan A., Wehl L., Ntaliarda G., Illes B., Datz S., Geisslinger F., Bartel K., Sommer A.-K., Lianou M., Weiß V., Feckl J., Vollmar A.M., Bräuchle C., Stathopoulos G.T., Wagner E., Roidl A., Bein T., Engelke H.
Synergistic Combination of Calcium and Citrate in Mesoporous Nanoparticles Targets Pleural Tumors
Chem 7(2)(2021)480-494Link

Möckl L., Lamb D.C., Bräuchle C. 

Super-resolved Fluorescence Microscopy: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 for Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell, and William E. Moerner
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 53(51) (2014), 13972.  Link

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Nature Nanotechnology, 6 (2011), 87. Link

Seisenberger G., Ried M.U., Endreß T., Büning H., Hallek M., Bräuchle C.
Real-Time Single Molecule Imaging of the Infection Pathway of an Adeno-associated Virus 
Science, 294(2001) 1929. Link