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Nano-Particles and Human Health

Nanoparticles and human health: live cell imaging of uptake and trafficking of nanoparticles (SiO2, TiO2, ZnO, CeO, Pt etc.) in endothelial cells in an artificial blood circulation model and toxicity measurements


Strobel C., Torrano A.A., Herrmann R., Malissek M., Bräuchle C., Reller A., Treuel L., Hilger I.
Effects of the physicochemical properties of titanium dioxide nanoparticles, commonly used as sun protection agents, on microvascular endothelial cells
J. Nanopart. Res. (2014), DOI 10.1007/s11051-013-2130-3

Torrano A.A., Blechinger J., Bräuchle C.
Trafficking and Intracellular Distribution of Nanoparticles (Subchapter 6.4 of Chapter 6: "Biological Responses to Nanomaterials")
In: "Safety Aspects of Engineered Nanomaterials"
Eds.: Luther W., Zweck A.
Pan Stanford Publishing 2013, p. 175

Torrano A.A., Blechinger J., Osseforth C., Argyo C., Reller A., Bein T., Michaelis J., Bräuchle C.
A fast analysis method to quantify nanoparticle uptake on a single cell level
Nanomedicine 8(11) (2013), 1815.

Blechinger J., Bauer A.T., de Andrade Torrano A., Gorzelanny C., Bräuchle C., Schneider S.W.
Uptake Kinetics and Nanotoxicity of Silica Nanoparticles are Cell Type Dependent
Small 9(23)(2013), 3970.
Inside cover picture for Small December 2013, 9(23)

Lebold T., Schloßbauer A., Schneider K., Schermelleh L., Leonhardt H., Bein T.*, Bräuchle C.*
Controlling the mobility of oligonucleotides in the nanochannels of mesoporous silica
Advanced Functional Materials 22(1) (2012), 106.
Cover picture for Advanced Functional Materials (January 2012, 22(1)

Blechinger J., Herrmann R., Kiener D., Garcia-Garcia F., Scheu C., Reller A., Bräuchle C.
Perylene-labeled Silica Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Characterization of Three Novel Silica Nanoparticle Species for Live Cell Imaging
Small 6(21), (2010), 2427.

Katayama Y., Burkacky O., Meyer M., Bräuchle C., Gratton E., Lamb D.C.
Real-time Nanomicroscopy via Three-Dimensional Single-Particle Tracking
ChemPhysChem 10(14) (2009), 2458.




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v. Schirnding C., Giopanou I., Hermawan A., Wehl L., Ntaliarda G., Illes B., Datz S., Geisslinger F., Bartel K., Sommer A.-K., Lianou M., Weiß V., Feckl J., Vollmar A.M., Bräuchle C., Stathopoulos G.T., Wagner E., Roidl A., Bein T., Engelke H.
Synergistic Combination of Calcium and Citrate in Mesoporous Nanoparticles Targets Pleural Tumors
Chem 7(2)(2021)480-494Link

Möckl L., Lamb D.C., Bräuchle C. 

Super-resolved Fluorescence Microscopy: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 for Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell, and William E. Moerner
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 53(51) (2014), 13972.  Link

Jung C., Schwaderer P., Dethlefsen M., Köhn R., Michaelis J., Bräuchle C. 
Visualization of the Self Assembly of Silica Nanochannels reveals growth mechanism 
Nature Nanotechnology, 6 (2011), 87. Link

Seisenberger G., Ried M.U., Endreß T., Büning H., Hallek M., Bräuchle C.
Real-Time Single Molecule Imaging of the Infection Pathway of an Adeno-associated Virus 
Science, 294(2001) 1929. Link