Group of Prof. Müller-Caspary - Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy

Students welcome!

Students from any stage in the study of chemistry and physics are integrated into our team via

  • Master projects
  • Bachelor projects
  • Practicals (e.g. "F-Praktikum")
  • Student research assistants (HiWi jobs)

so as to contribute to our current research challenges. This means that we derive topics for student research projects from running scientific projects and activities rather than designing "dummy" projects with known outcome for purely educational purpose. The team Müller-Caspary is active in diverse fields related to the

  • Application of cutting-edge TEM, STEM and electron diffraction methodologies to investigate structure, composition and electrical properties of soft and hard matter,
  • Theoretical understanding of the interaction of electrons with specimen via the advancement of scattering theories,
  • Increase of dimensionality of recorded data, e.g. the collection of 4D datasets that combine real and diffraction space information at ultimate samplings,
  • Exploration of new methodologies to record and evaluate new types of data and information, e.g. mapping charge densities at atomic scale,
  • Development of own software to automatise (S)TEM measurements, simulate electron diffraction and imaging, and evaluate partly large, multidimensional data sets,
  • ... your ideas and initiatives contributed to our team!

We can constantly offer topics for Master, Bachelor and practical projects in the areas experimental & theoretical microscopy and anywhere in between. Applications include but are not limited to imaging soft matter (zeolithes, proteins, MOFs, COFs, DNA), solid state nanostructures (semiconductors, ferroelectrics, metal alloy nanowires), or electric fields of specimen partly under electrical bias.

If this raised your interest please contact us anytime

by Email to or

in person at

LMU Campus Großhadern
Prof. Dr. Knut Müller-Caspary or Dr. Benjamin März
Building E, Room 2.001 or 2.003
Phone: 0049 89 2180 77184