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DGE study group DPC 2022

DGE Arbeitskreis DPC - Study Group DPC

This event was organised by our group end of September 2022 at LMU, Campus Grohadern - a full success in terms of the number of participants and scientifically:


After its kickoff in 2018 organised by the group of Prof. Josef Zweck at Regensburg University, the DGE study group DPC had to be postponed several times due to Covid - just until now! As a successor of this event, the meeting will now take place from Sept. 25 to Sept. 27 at LMU Munich (save the date!). The organisation will be done by our group, please contact Knut Müller-Caspary ( in case you have any questions.

Following the tradition of the DGE study group concept, the Study Group DPC is dedicated to

  • Bringing together electron microscopists interested in STEM-based phase contrast imaging and phase retrieval
  • Providing a forum dominated by informal discussions on methodology performance, reliability and development
  • Allowing the mutual exchange of ideas in the spirit of openness
  • Reflecting current results and publications
  • Discussing the present state and potential future directions in the field of STEM DPC

Contrary to "print-ready" mature conference presentations, this meeting is governed by its informal character. It explicitly welcomes work-in-progress contributions with a focus on open questions, problems in practical experiments and data interpretation, as well as working out methodological pitfalls.

Although the study group's title is "DPC", it nowadays refers to the broader field of "4D STEM" and the question what can be learned from the combination of real and diffraction space data. Consequently, topics such as

  1. Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) STEM using segmented detectors
  2. First Moment STEM
  3. Mapping electric and magnetic fields
  4. Phase retrieval by direct and iterative methods (e.g. ptychography)
  5. Further relevant topics from the field of pixelated STEM

The enrollment is closed now (29 July 2022). Please contact us directly via mail for urgent requests.

Please use this link to enroll without obligations, it will help us with the organisation and planning. You will need a key for this enrollment (to protect us from robots and spam), which you should have got by Email. Otherwise, please contact me by Email (, and I will be happy to forward the enrollment key to you!

Please contact me should any questions arise in advance.

With kind regards,

Knut Müller-Caspary

16 May 2022