New publication: "Understanding the Role of Cesium and Rubidium Additives in Perovskite Solar Cells: Trap States, Charge Transport, and Recombination", Yinghong Hu, Eline M. Hutter, Philipp Rieder, Irene Grill, Jonas Hanisch, Meltem F. Aygüler, Alexander G. Hufnagel, Matthias Handloser, Thomas Bein, Achim Hartschuh, Kristofer Tvingstedt, Vladimir Dyakonov, Andreas Baumann, Tom J. Savenije, Michiel L. Petrus, and Pablo Docampo

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New Publication: "Charge transport limitations in perovskite solar cells: The effect of charge extraction layers", Irene Grill, Meltem Aygüler, Thomas Bein, Pablo Docampo, Nicolai Hartmann, Matthias Handloser and Achim Hartschuh,

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New publication: "Controlling crystal growth by chloride-assisted synthesis: Towards optimized charge transport in hybrid halide perovskites", Irene Grill, Kathrin Handloser, Fabian C Hanusch, Nadja Giesbrecht, Thomas Bein, Pablo Docampo, Matthias Handloser and Achim Hartschuh

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New publication: "Advances in Tip-Enhanced Near-Field Raman Microscopy Using Nanoantennas", by Xian Shi, Nicolas Coca-Lopez, Julia Janik  and Achim Hartschuh

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