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Publications 2015



344.   Weiss V., Argyo C., de Andrade Torrano A., Strobel C., Mackowiak S.A., Gatzenmeier T., Hilger I., Bräuchle C., Bein T.
Dendronized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Provide an Internal Endosomal Escape Mechanism for Successful Cytosolic Drug Release
arXiv:1510.05930 [physics.bio-ph] (2015) Link
343.   Datz S., Argyo C., Gattner M., Weiss V., Brunner K., Bretzler J., von Schirnding C., Spada F., Engelke H., Vrabel M., Bräuchle C., Carell T., Bein T.*
Genetically designed biomolecular capping system for mesoporous silica nanoparticles enables receptor-mediated cell uptake and controlled drug release
arXiv:1510.03649 [physics.bio-ph] (2015) Link
342.   Möller K., Müller K., Engelke H., Bräuchle C., Wagner E., Bein T.
Highly Efficient siRNA Delivery from Core-Shell Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles with Multifunctional Polymer Caps
arXiv:1509.03107 [q-bio.SC] (2015) Link
341.   Möckl L., Horst A., Kolbe K., Lindhorst T*., Bräuchle C.*
Microdomain Formation Controls Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cell Surface Glycoproteins
ChemBioChem 16(14) (2015), 2023. Link

Inside cover picture for ChemBioChem September 2015, 14(16)

 Figuere from publication 305.

Broda E., Mickler F., Lächelt U., Morys S., Wagner E., Bräuchle C.
Assessing potential peptide targeting ligands by quantification of cellular adhesion of model nanoparticles under flow conditions
J Controlled Release 213 (2015), 79  Link

CeNS Publication Award 2015 (Category: Best interdisciplinary publication)

339.   Bräuchle C., Weiß V.
Entwicklung von Nanofähren zur gezielten Krebsbekämpfung mit Hilfe superhochauflösender Lichtmikroskopie
GDCh Aktuelle Wochenschau zum "Internationalen Jahr des Lichts", Woche 16, (2015) Link
338.   Niedermayer S., Weiss V., Herrmann A., Schmidt A., Datz S., Müller K., Wagner E., Bein T.*, Bräuchle C.*
Multifunctional Polymer-Capped Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for pH-Responsive Targeted Drug Delivery
Nanoscale 7 (2015), 7953  Link
337.   Kos P., Lächelt U., Herrmann A., Mickler F.M., Döblinger M., He D., Krhač Levačić A., Morys S., Bräuchle C., Wagner E. 
Histidine-rich stabilized polyplexes for cMet-directed tumor-targeted gene transfer
Nanoscale (2015), 5350 Link
336.   Prescher J., Baumgärtel V., Ivanchenko S., Torrano A.A., Bräuchle C., Müller B., Lamb D.C.  
Super-Resolution Imaging of ESCRT-proteins at HIV-1 Assembly Sites
PLoS Pathogens (2015), DOI:10.1371/journal.ppat.1004677 Link

Pavlichenko I., Broda E., Fukuda Y., Szendrei K., Hatz A.K., Scarpa G., Lugli P., Bräuchle C., Lotsch B.V.  
Bringing One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals to a New Light: An Electrophotonic Platform for Chemical Mass Transport Visualisation and Cell Monitoring
Mater. Horiz. 2 (2015), 299. Link

Front cover picture for Mater. Horiz. 01 May 2015, Issue 3

334.   Brunner K., Harder J., Halbach T., Willibald J., Spada F., Gnerlich F., Sparrer K., Beil A., Möckl L., Bräuchle C., Conzelmann K.-K., Carell T.* 
Cell-Penetrating and Neurotargeting Dendritic siRNA Nanostructures
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 53(51) (2015), 1946.  Link

Dendritische Nanostrukturen zur rezeptorvermittelten Aufnahme von siRNA in neurale Zellen
Angew. Chem. 126(51) (2015), 1968.  Link
333.   Strobl F.G., Breyer D., Link P., Torrano A.A., Bräuchle C., Schneider M.F., Wixforth A. 
A surface acoustic wave-driven micropump for particle uptake investigation under physiological flow conditions in very small volumes
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 6 (2015), 414.  Link
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Selected Papers

Bisacylphosphane oxides as photo-latent cytostatic agents and potential photo-latent anticancer drugs, Scientific Reports 9:6003 (2019). more information... 

Invasiveness of cells changes their interaction behaviour with the glycocalyx, Advanced Biosystems 2, (2018),1800083. more information... 

Dendrimer-Based Signal Amplification of Click-Labelled DNA in Situ, ChemBioChem 18, (2017), 1716. more information... 

Quantification of volume and lipid filling of intracellular vesicles carrying the ABCA3 transporter, BBA - Molecular Cell Research, 1864(12) (2017), 2330. more information... 

Spektromikroskopie für biologische Fragestellungen in der Physikalischen Chemie, p. 85, Beitrag im Buch “Unendliche Weiten: Kreuz und quer durchs Chemie-Universum”, Eds.: T.K. Lindhorst, H-J.Quadbeck-Seeger, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker Wiley VCH Verlag GmbH (2017). more information... 

New insights into the intracellular distribution pattern of cationic amphiphilic drugs, Scientific Reports (2017), Article number 44277. more information... 

Azido pentoses: A New Tool to Efficiently Label Mycobacterium tuberculosis Clinical Isolates, ChemBioChem 18 (2017), 1172. more information... 

The Endothelial Glycocalyx Controls Interactions of Quantum Dots with the Endothelium and Their Translocation across the Blood−Tissue Border ACS Nano, 11(2), (2017), 1498. more information... 

The Glycocalyx Regulates the Uptake of Nanoparticles by Human Endothelial Cells In Vitro, Nanomedicine 12(3) (2017), 207.  more information... 

Salinomycin co-treatment enhances tamoxifen cytotoxicity in luminal A breast tumor cells by facilitating lysosomal degradation of receptor tyrosine kinases, Oncotarget 7(31) (2016), 50461. more information... 

En route from artificial to natural: Evaluation of inhibitors of mannose-specific adhesion of E. coli under flow , Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1860 (2016), 2031. more information... 

Cell Membrane Penetration and Mitochondrial Targeting by Platinum-Decorated Ceria Nanoparticles, Nanoscale 8 (2016), 13352. more information... 

Dendronized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Provide an Internal Endosomal Escape Mechanism for Successful Cytosolic Drug Release, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 227 (2016), 242. more information... 

Genetically designed biomolecular capping system for mesoporous silica nanoparticles enables receptor-mediated cell uptake and controlled drug release, Nanoscale (2016), 8101. more information... 

Highly efficient siRNA delivery from core–shell mesoporous silica nanoparticles with multifunctional polymer caps, Nanoscale 8 (2016), 4007. more information... 

Artificial Formation and Tuning of Glycoprotein Networks on Live Cell Membranes: A Single-Molecule Tracking Study, ChemPhysChem 17(6) (2016), 829. more information... 

Switching first contact: photocontrol of E. coli adhesion to human cells, Chem. Comm. 52 (2016), 1254. more information...